About Electronic Enlightenment

Drawn from the best available critical editions, EE is not simply an “electronic bookshelf” of isolated texts but a network of interconnected documents, allowing you to see the complex web of personal relationships in the early modern period and the making of the modern world.

Best-critical-editions are drawn from a range of publshers . . .

Cambridge University PressTaylor & Francis
Duke University PressUniversity of California, Berkeley
Felix Meiner VerlagUniversity of Delaware Press
Johns Hopkins University PressUniversity of Georgia Press
Leo S. Olschki EditoreUniversity of Toronto Press
Norstedts FörlagUniversity of Wales Press
Oxford University PressVirginia Historical Society
Pickering & ChattoVoltaire Foundation
Royal Historical Society

Letters are discovered, accessed and edited by academic projects like the Bernardin de Saint-Pierre Project; by individual contributors like Professors Pamela Clemit, Katrin Kohl and Nicholas Cronk; and of course by the Electronic Enlightenment Project itself!

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