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Autumn 2022 Update

EE adds 417 more letters from Beaumarchais and the Courier de l’Europe, as edited by Gunnar von Proschwitz, exploring the Figaro playwright’s relationship with this newspaper and its editors, alongside documents of his theatrical, editorial, and political career in the 1780s and 90s. read more…

Beaumarchais and Electronic Enlightenment

Gregory Brown explores the significance of Beaumarchais, his correspondence, and the recently completed publication in EE of the Proschwitz edition of Beaumarchais letters. read more…

March 2022 Featured Letter

The first post in our new Featured Letter series is by Dr Kelsey Rubin-Detlev on Françoise Paule Huguet de Graffigny to François Antoine Devaux, c. Tuesday, 7 October 1738. read more…

March 2022 Threads

The Threads series aims to explore the rich topical connections that can be made across the items in the collection of c. 80,000 letters and to illustrate the range of diverse perspectives that can be found on topics of all kinds. Out first post, by Jack Orchard, is on Chocolate

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