Atlases of the 16th–18th centuries

Here follows a list of some notable atlases, roughly from the period covered by EE's corpus.


Hadji Muhiddin Piri Ibn Hadji Mehmed (or Piri Reis). Kitab-ı Bahriye (i.e., Book of Navigation). Turkey, 1521–.

Ortelius, Abraham. Theatrum orbis terrarum. Antwerp, 1570.


Blaeu, Willem & Johannes. Theatrum orbis terrarum, sive Atlas novus; in quo tabulæ et descriptiones omnium regionum, editæ a Guiljel: et Ioanne Blaeu. (or Atlas Novus). Netherlands, 1635–.

Sanson, Nicolas. Cartes générales de toutes les parties du Monde, où les Empires, Monarchies, Républiques, Estats, Peuples, &c. de l'Asie, de l'Afrique, de l'Europe, & de l'Amerique, tant anciens que nouveaux sont exactement remarqués ... Par le Sieur Sanson d'Abbéville, Géographe ordinaire du Roy. Paris, 1658–.

Dudley, Sir Robert. Dell'arcano del mare: di D. Ruberto Dudleo Duca di Nortumbria, e Conte di Warwick, etc. Firenze, 1646–1647.

Klencke, John. Soli Britannico Reduci Carolo Secundo regum augustissimo hoc Orbis Terrae Compendium humill. off. I. Klencke. Amsterdam, 1613–1660.

Ogilby, John. The Brittania, volume the first: or, An illustration of the kingdom of England and dominion of Wales : by a geographical and historical description of the principal roads thereof. Actually admeasured and delineated in a century of whole-sheet copper-sculps. Accomodated with the ichnography of the several cities and capital towns; and compleated by an accurate account of the more remarkable passages of antiquity, together with a novel discourse of the present state. By John Ogilby Esq; His Majesty's cosmographer, and master of His Majesty's revels in the kingdom of Ireland. London: [1675].


Bowles,Thomas & Emanuel Bowen. Britannia depicta; or, Ogilby improv'd; being a correct coppy of Mr. Ogilby's actual survey of all ye direct & principal cross roads in England and Wales ... And ... a full & particular description & account of all the cities, borough-towns, towns-corporate, &c. ... by Ino. Owen ... the arms of the peers ... the arms of all the bishopricks & deanaries .... London, 1720.

de l'Isle, Guillaume. Atlas nouveau, contenant toutes les parties du monde : où sont exactement remarquées les empires, monarchies, royaumes, états, républiques &c.. Amsterdam, [1742]

Cary, John. Cary's new and correct English atlas : being a new set of county maps from actual surveys. Exhibiting all the direct and principal cross roads, cities, towns and most considerable villages, parks, rivers navigable canals, &c. preceded by a general map of South Britain; shewing the connexion of one map with another. Also a general description of each county, and directions for the junction of the roads from one county to another. London, 1787.

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