Lives listing by occupation: goldsmith

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  • Argand, Jacques (born 1733–died 1782), Swiss goldsmith, businessman, tradesman, jeweller, clockmaker
  • Child, Sir Francis (born 1642–died 1713), English banker, goldsmith, politician, member of Parliament
  • Evance, Sir Stephen (born 1654/1655–died 1712), American goldsmith, financier, politician, member of Parliament
  • Lewis, George (flourished 1709–1717), English goldsmith, banker
  • Mead & Co. (founded c. 1705), English goldsmith, banker
  • Paltock, John (died 1736), English banker, goldsmith
  • Perret, Jean François (born 1744–died after 1810), French goldsmith, politician, revolutionary
  • Seamer, James (born c. 1657–died 1739), English goldsmith, businessman, jeweller, banker, author
  • Snow, Thomas (flourished 1712–1713), English goldsmith, banker
  • Warner, John (died 1722), English goldsmith, banker

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