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  • Collins, William (died 1819), English copper-dealer, businessman, tradesman
  • Colt, Peter (born 1744–died 1824), American businessman, politician
  • Combe, Sir Harvey Christian (born 1752–died 1818), English businessman, politician, member of Parliament
  • Craggs, James [the elder] (born 1657–died 1721), English politician, member of Parliament, businessman, clothier
  • Defoe, Daniel (born c. 1660–died 1731), English author, businessman, spy, soldier
  • Dodington, George (born c. 1662–died 1720), English politician, civil servant, businessman, East India Company official
  • Duer, William A. (born 1743–died 1799), American businessman, politician
  • Duval, Louis David (born 1727–died 1788), Swiss jeweller, clockmaker, businessman, tradesman
  • Gerry, Elbridge (born 1744–died 1814), American businessman, politician, diplomat, governor
  • Gisborne, John (died 1836), English businessman, poet
  • Glassford, John (born 1715–died 1783), Scottish tobacco-merchant, businessman, banker, cloth manufacturer, tanner, brewer
  • Godard, M. — (flourished 1730), French businessman
  • Grant, William (born 1744–died 1805), Canadian businessman, politician
  • Harford, Joseph (born 1741–died 1802), English businessman
  • Harvey, George (died 1834), English meteorologist, mathematician, naval engineer, academician, businessman
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