Lives listing by occupation: Quaker

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  • Ames, William (died 1662), English soldier, churchman, Protestant, Quaker
  • Burnyeat, John (born 1631–died 1690), English farmer, churchman, Quaker
  • Churchman, John (born 1705–died 1775), American churchman, Quaker, diarist
  • Collins, Stephen (born 1733–died 1794), American Quaker, merchant
  • Cooke, Thomas (died 1706), Irish Quaker, merchant
  • Drinker, Henry (born 1734–died 1809), American Quaker, merchant, speculator, politician
  • Gay, Claude (born 1706–died 1786), French churchman, Protestant, Quaker, author
  • Hodgson, Doctor Luke (born c. 1646–died before 1694), English Quaker, physician
  • Keith, George (born c. 1639–died 1716), Scottish churchman, Quaker, missionary
  • Lloyd, Thomas (born 1640–died 1694), American Quaker, physician, politician, colonial administrator
  • Marshall, Charles (born 1637–died 1698), English churchman, Protestant, Quaker, apothecary
  • Penn, William (born 1644–died 1718), English Quaker, colonial landowner, politician
  • Phillips, James (born 1745–died 1799), English Quaker, abolitionist, publisher, printer
  • Shallcross, Joseph (flourished 1789), American Quaker, merchant, civil servant, spy
  • Waring, Jeremiah (born 1757–died 1829), English Quaker, author
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