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Electronic Enlightenment Project, Oxford, UK

Correspondence publisher par excellence

The Electronic Enlightenment Project (EEP) is the most wide-ranging online collection of interlinked, edited correspondence of the early modern period. From the early 17th to the mid-19th century, correspondents exchanged letters and spread ideas and opinions across Europe, the Americas and Asia. EEP recreates this “great conversation” by interlinking the correspondents and letters — augmented by additional information about correspondents, geographical details, maps and more — creating a resource of unique interest and value.

The Project began with the publication of best critical editions of correspondence drawn from leading academic publishers — and we proudly continue to develop publications of this kind. But it was always part of the Project’s plan to create “born digital” publications edited directly from archives by academic experts. Here are some of our latest, born digital collaborations:

The Electronic Enlightenment Project acts as a co-publisher to facilitate publishing of correspondence.

For more details see our publishing in EE pages.

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